IBA Solutions For Life Science™ Strep-Tactin™ Superflow™, 50% Suspension

Used for purification of recombinant Strep-tag™ proteins under gravity flow and low pressure or FPLC 20 ML STREP-TACTIN(R) SUPERFLOW(R), 50 % SUSPENSIOn 20mL Store in 4C Fridge

IBA Solutions For Life Science™ Colonne Strep-Tactin capacité élevée Superflow

Used for purification of recombinant Strep-tag™ proteins under gravity flow and low pressure or FPLC 4 ML Strep-Tactin(R) Superflow(R) high capacity,

IBA Solutions for Life Science™ D-Biotin

2 GR D-Biotin (not for Strep-tag applications) 2g

IBA Lifesciences™ Conjugat Strep-Tactin-HRP

Used for fast and direct detection of Strep-tag™II fusion proteins transferred to a blotting membrane or coated to a microplate. IBA Lifesciences™ Strep-Tactin-HRP Conjugate is suitable for chromogenic and chemiluminescence reactions. Strep-Tactin® HRP conjugate,0.5 ml, 0.5ml

IBA GmbH™ MEXi-293E Cells

IBA GmbH™ MEXi-293E Cells are an efficient and cost effective mammalian protein expression system. MEXi-293E cells

IBA Solutions for Life Science™ StrepMAB-Classic

For detection of N- or C-terminal or internal Strep-tag™ II specific monoclonal antibody StrepMAB-Classic,HRP conjugate, 75 µg, 25-30 Western, 75µg

IBA GmbH™ Small Mammalian Expression Vector

Designed for protein expression for mammalian HEK293E cells (MEXi 293E cells). IBA GmbH™ Small Mammalian Expression Vector is a small transient expression vector especially developed for the use in combination with the MEXi mammalian expression system. pDSG-IBA43; 5µg

IBA Lifesciences™ StrepMAB™ -Immuno

100 UG STREPMAB-IMMO, MURINE HIGH AFFINITY STREP-Tag II specificmonoclonal IgG1, purified 100µg

IBA Solutions For Life Science™ D-Desthiobiotin

Used for elution of Strep-tag™ II proteins from Strep-Tactin™ D-Desthiobiotin, 5 g, 5g

IBA Lifesciences™ Strep-Tactin™ Sepharose™ Suspension

Ideal for gravity flow purification of recombinant Strep-tag™ proteins. IBA Lifesciences™ Strep-Tactin™ Sepharose™ Suspension is conveniently formulated as a 50% Sepharose™ suspension. 20 ML Strep-Tactin(R) Sepharose 50 % suspension

IBA GmbH™ 10x Buffer BXT; Strep-Tactin™XT Elution B.

IBA GmbH™ 10x Buffer BXT; Strep-Tactin™XT Elution B. is a ready-to-use buffer for elution of Strep-tagged proteins from Strep-Tactin™ XT. 25ML 10x Buffer BXT; Strep-TactinXT Elution Buffer

IBA Solutions for Life Science™ Strep-tag™ Washing Buffer, 10X

100 ML Strep-tag(R) washing buffer (10x buffer W)

IBA Solutions For Life Science™ Matra-Si Reagent (Magnet Assisted Transfection)

MATRA-SI REAGENT (MAGNET ASSISTED TRANSFECTION),optimized for siRNA applications for 200µg nucleic

IBA Solutions for Life Science™ Competent Cells E. coli TOP10

Cells are highly efficient and ideally suited for the StarGate™ applications Competent E. coli TOP 10 cells, 20 reactions 00

IBA GmbH™ Strep-Tactin™XT Superflow™ 50% Suspension

IBA GmbH™ Strep-Tactin™XT Superflow™ 50% Suspension can be used to pack your own columns for protein purification. 50ml Strep-Tactin XT Superflow 50% suspension

IBA Solutions for Life Science™ Strep-tag™ Regeneration Buffer, 10X

Strep-tag® regeneration bufferwith HABA, 100 ml, 100ml

IBA Lifesciences™ Microtiter Plate

Strep-Tactin® coatedmicroplate, 1 plate, 1plate

IBA Lifesciences™ Biotin Blocking Buffer

Biotin Blocking Buffer, 2 ml,2ml

IBA GmbH™ Strep-Tactin™XT Superflow™ Cartridge

IBA GmbH™ Strep-Tactin™XT Superflow™ Cartridge is a reliable one-step purification of Strep-tag™ and Twin-Strep-tag™ fusion proteins with high affinity and unsurpassed purity. Strep-Tactin Superflow XT 5ml cartridge (with 10-32 connection for HPLC and Äkta)

IBA GmbH™ Strep-Tactin™XT Coated Microplate

Strep-Tactin™XT Coated Microplate provides efficient capturing of Twin-Strep-tag™ fusion proteins in assays with pM affinity. Strep-Tactin XT coated microplate

IBA GmbH™ Mammalian Expression Vector with Secretion

Designed for high-level episomal expression in mammalian hosts under G418 selection. IBA GmbH™ Mammalian Expression Vector with Secretion is a large expression vector with universal features for transient expression as well as for generation of stable cell lines (NeoR). pCSG-IBA144; 5µg

IBA Solutions For Life Science™ GpU-dinucleotide IBA

10 MG GpU-dinucleotide 10mg Store in Freezer at

IBA Solutions For Life Science™ GpC-dinucleotide IBA

10 MG GpC-dinucleotide 10mg Store in Freezer at

IBA GmbH™ StrepMan Magnet

IBA GmbH™ StrepMan Magnet is designed to be used for manual cell isolation with Strep-Tactin™ Magnetic Microbeads using the Streptamer™ Technology. StrepMan Magnet for 15ml and 50ml tubes

IBA GmbH™ StrepMAB-Immo Chromeo 546 Conjugate

IBA GmbH™ StrepMAB-Immo Chromeo 546 Conjugate is an antibody for detection of Strep-tag™ and Twin-Strep-tag™ fusion proteins. 50UG StrepMAB-Immo Chromeo 546 conjugate

IBA GmbH™ E. coli Expression Vector with No Secretion

Regulate the expression of proteins with a vector that carries the inducible tetracycline promoter/operator. IBA GmbH™ E. coli Expression Vector with No Secretion allows for the expression of proteins in E.coli. pASG-IBA64; 5µg

IBA GmbH™ CD45RA Fab Streptamer™ Isolation Kit MB

IBA GmbH™ CD45RA Fab Streptamer™ Isolation Kit MB is for reversible cell isolation delivering label-free target cells. CD45RA Fab Streptamer Isolation Kit MB