Balances analytiques

Fisherbrand™ Analytical Balance

Features easy to clean draft shield, upfront level indicator and selectable environmental settings Fisherbrand™ Analytical Balances are ideal for meeting the routine weighing needs of most labs. Balance analytique 210g/0,1mg internal calibration

Fisher Scientific™ Traceable™ SpatulaBalance™

Unique spatula scoops material and instantly weighs it. SPATULE DE PESEE

Cole Parmer™ ED Portable Balance


Fisherbrand™ Moisture Analyzer

Analyseur d'humidité MBS65

Cole Parmer™ Symmetry EC Toploading Balance, 100gr x 0.001gr, 220V

Symmetry EC Toploading Balance, 100gr x 0.001gr,220V

Cole-Parmer™ Novasina™ LabMaster™ Advanced Water Activity Meter with Full Temperature Control

Determine the amount of water activity (Aw) in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Novasina™ LabMaster™ Advanced Water Activity Meters with Full Temperature Control enable measurements under fully controlled chamber temperature conditions. LABMASTER ADVANCED WATER ACTIVITY METER

Ohaus™ Balance portable Navigator

Designed for a wide range of industrial, food and laboratory weighing applications. Ohaus™ Navigator NV Balances feature ultra-fast response time and superior overload protection. BALANCE NVT 3,2KG/1G LCD APPROUVEEAPPROUVEE

Sartorius™ Balances à plateau Practum™

Consistent readings with outstanding repeatability Practum Precision Balance

Sartorius™ Balances à plateau Quintix™

Advanced weighing technology provides reliable and accurate results Balance Precision Quintix® 410 g / 10mg

Ohaus™ Adventurer Precision Balances

Strikes the ideal balance between inventive features and functional, uncomplicated weighing capabilities. Ohaus™ Adventurer Precision Balances incorporate all of the applications necessary for routine weighing and measurement activities. Balance Adventurer 2kg/0,01g AX2202

OHAUS™ Balances analytiques Explorer™ Series

Faster weighing with improved repeatability and vibration filtering. OHAUS Explorer Series Analytical Balances deliver accurate results within seconds, improving operator efficiency, productivity and throughput, with a stabilization time up to 50% faster that earlier models. BALANCE EXPLORER 120G/0,1MG

OHAUS™ Pioneer™ Plus Precision Balances

Designed for reliable routine weighing at an affordable price. OHAUS™ Pioneer™ Plus Precision Balances are equipped to handle a variety of laboratory, industrial and education applications. Available as both external and internal calibration models. Pioneer PA223C, 220g x 1mg, Internal Cal

Sartorius™ Balances de précision Secura™

Easy, reliable weighing in regulated work areas Balance SECURA613-1S, 610 g/1 mg

Sartorius™ Balances analytiques Cubis™ Essential

The right choice for users without complex operations who primarily want to perform ultra-precise weighing balance Cubis Essential 320g/0.1mg

Sartorius™ Balances de précision Cubis™ Essential

The right choice for users without complex operations who primarily want to perform ultra-precise weighing balance Cubis Essential 6,2kg/10mg

Sartorius™ Cubis™ Series MSU623S Model Precision Balance

Choose from thousands of options to configure this balance to suit individual needs and obtain the optimal solution for integration into the weighing process. Sartorius™ Cubis™ Series MSU623S Model Precision Balances can be seamlessly integrated into your individual workflows. BALANCE CUBIS MSU 620G/0.001G APPAPP

Ohaus™ Analyseur d'humidité MB120

Measures moisture content with increased precision and efficiency. Analyseur d'humidité MB120



Ohaus™ Balances pour bijoux portatives

Designed for quick reference in jewelry stores and production. Ohaus™ Emerald™ Hand Held Jewelry Scales meet the highest quality performance standards, the Emerald scales are extremely simple to operate and garner accurate results. BALANCE DE POCHE 250G 0,1G

Sartorius™ Balances analytiques Practum™

Obtain professional results with a world-class weighing instrument. Sartorius™ Practum™ Analytical Weighing Balances boast an innovative housing design and rugged weigh cell for easy weighing and outstanding connectivity when transferring results to Microsoft™ Excel™ spreadsheet or printer. BALANCE PRACTUM 220G X 0.1MG 224-1S

OHAUS™ Balances de précision Explorer™ Series

All-new Explorer balances deliver unequaled quality and dependability. OHAUS Explorer Series Precision Balances have faster stabilization time which improves operational efficiency, increases throughput and improves productivity. BALANCE EXPLORER 1100G/1MG

OHAUS™ Balances analytiques et de précision Explorer™

The Explorer risen to the next level of ingenuity; expanding on its modern features and design to offer unmatched functionality. Balance Explorer 220g/0,1mg auto door

Ohaus™ Explorer Precision Balances

Combine modern features and design elements to offer unmatched functionality in high-performance balances. Ohaus™ Explorer Precision Balances simplify even the most complex laboratory measurements. BALANCE EXPLORER 10200G/0,01G APP

Sartorius™ Balances analytiques Quintix™

Offers smart and efficient weighing, improved workflows with touch-screen and scroll technology which enables user to easily navigate through all balance operations. Sartorius™ Quintix™ Analytical Weighing Balances provide reliable and accurate results. Balance analytique Quintix 224-1S

OHAUS™ Balances à triple échelle

Accurate, rugged and dependable. OHAUS Triple Beam Balances have stainless-steel weighing pans and bearing covers which prevent rust and corrosion. BALANCE DIAL-O-GRAM 610/2610G 0,1G