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Thermo Scientific™ Solution MSIA™ D.A.R.T.'S™ pour la plateforme Versette et Novus i

Améliorez la bio-analyse MS hybride grâce à la solution Thermo Scientific™ MSIA™ D.A.R.T.’S™ pour la plateforme Versette et Novus i, une solution de flux de travaux Thermo Fisher Scientific exclusive pour les protéines et les peptides.

Marque:  Thermo Scientific™ 991PRT13

Code nomenclature Nacres: NB.02

Informations supplémentaires : Poids : 1.36000kg

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  • 940.31€ / 96 pièces

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Next generation hybrid Mass Spectrometry bio-analytical workflows:
  • Enables analysis of proteins of interest down to femtomole level
  • Streamlined workflow for protein qualitative & quantative bio-analysis
  • Employs a proprietary molecular trapping micro-column technology in an easy to use pipette tip housing format
  • Drives antibody/antigen binding kinetics and greatly improves assaying of low-abundance protein from a biological sample
Enabling workflows and technologies for biologic and biomarker research:
  • Immunoaffinity column captures protein of interest with improved signal-to-noise ratio
  • Superior specificity and assaying characteristics compared to conventional approaches
  • Allows for hybrid assaying down to femtomole levels
  • Streptavidin and Protein A, G & A/G MSIA D.A.R.T.'S provide end user flexibility to analyze their specific targets of interest
  • Custom MSIA D.A.R.T.'S are available upon request
  • Optimized workflow solution Insulin (endogenous and therapeutic forms)


300μL pipette such as Thermo Scientific™ Versette™ Liquid Handling Platform, Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ Novus i™ Multichannel pipetters (listed in user manual)

Recommended for:

Hybrid mass spectrometry based assays

For research use only


Pack of 96 tips
MSIA D.A.R.T.'S, Protein G
2 ° à 8 ° C