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IBA Lifesciences Strep-Tactin™XT 4Flow™ High Capacity Column

Gravity flow column to purify Strep-tag™II or Twin-Strep-tag™ fusion proteins

Marque:  IBA Lifesciences 2-5033-001

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  • 290.00€ / 1 kit

Date d’expédition estimée: 29-10-2021
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  • Strep-Tactin™XT 4Flow™ high capacity columns contain a 4% agarose coupled with the streptavidin variant Strep-Tactin™XT and are applicable for purification of Strep-tag™II or Twin-Strep-tag™ fusion proteins via gravity flow.
  • Due to the broad pH compatibility, excellent pressure stability, outstanding target purity (> 95%), and highest binding affinity, the resin is recommended for all protein classes, especially for low abundant or challenging proteins.
  • The low concentrated agarose enables the simple attachment of larger proteins to the stationary phase, making it particularly suitable for purification of high-molecular-weight targets.
  • In addition, Strep-Tactin™XT 4Flow™ high capacity allows the application of denaturing agents such as urea.
  • In comparison to Strep-Tactin™XT 4Flow™, Strep-Tactin™XT 4Flow™ high capacity has a higher density of immobilized Strep-Tactin™XT, which leads to a 2-fold higher yield of purified protein.
  • To reduce the waiting period during the sample and buffer application, the use of the application aid WET FRED is recommended.


Pre-packed Gravity Column
4% agarose, crosslinked
50 to 150 µm spherical
Twin-Strep-Tag™ and Strep-tag™II
5 mL

For Research Use Only.