Go Headless. Get More Benefits.


We lost our head, so you don't lose your cool.

We didn't set out to design the world's most innovative refrigerated circulating bath. We simply set out to solve the issues that labs like yours face every day — smaller workspaces, tighter budgets, laboratory stock issues, green-building goals and overly complex equipment.

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Off with its head!

We started with the form factor: how to gain a large work area with a limited footprint. As with most great innovations — the solution was simple. We removed the control head to create more space. And, we didn't stop with form. We designed from the ground up. We added smarter remote monitoring capabilities, global voltage input and other tools and features to give you control and optimal precision. You can stay focused on what you enjoy doing most — uncovering the answers to science's most perplexing questions.

  • More Space to Fit Samples 
    We removed the control head to create a larger work area with a small footprint. Now increase the number of samples and maximize results. Plus, all components are internal so it's easier to clean and maintain.
  • Global Voltage Input 
    Unique to VersaCool, this feature automatically detects the appropriate frequency and voltage to enable operation anywhere in the world.
  • Tool-less, Drip-less Rack and Lid 
    Experience maximum application flexibility, easier cleanup and enhanced safety with the new VersaRack and VersaLid.
  • Plug-n-play Simplicity
    The 5.7 in. color display with touchscreen combines innovative design and intuitive navigation to allow for simple setup and operation.
  • Energy Efficient 
    One of our most energy efficient designs with variable pump, fans and compressor. Use only the energy you need for your application.
  • Bluetooth™ Communications
    Simply pair your bath to any iOS or Android Smartphone or tablet for remote operation and monitoring.
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