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Consort DO Electrode, Galvanic, Delrin Body, Submersible Cable

Membrane-covered polarographic oxygen detector system with a thin Teflon-FEP membrane for efficient sealing. Cannon DO Electrode, Galvanic, Delrin Body, Submersible Cable features built-in ATC/temperature (Pt1000) with a lead anode and platinum cathode encased in stainless steel.

Marque:  Consort SZ10T

Code nomenclature Nacres: NB.61

Informations supplémentaires : Poids : 0.01000kg

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Consort offers a wide variety high quality electrochemical analytical sensors and electrode supplies.

  • Designed for laboratory, industrial, biotechnology and medical applications
  • For use with compatible benchtop or portable meters
  • While calibrating or measuring, solutions should be stirred gently to ensure accurate readings
  • Use fresh calibration solutions with values near the expected sample value
  • Rinse the electrode between measurements: first in distilled water and then with the next sample to be measured
  • Allow the electrodes sufficient time to stabilize while calibrating or measuring
  • A stability indicator on all Consort meters prompts the user when readings should be taken


DO meter
12 mm
3 m
Pt1000, MPOD
0 to 60 mg/L
Submersible cable, electrolyte, membranes, plugs
Field use, Dissolved oxygen measurements in watery solutions
110 mm
DO with ATC/Temperature
BNC plug, 2 banana plugs for AT
0° to 50°:C