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The Story of Science World


Thought Science World was on hold for the moment during the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, think again!


Science World

The Story of Science World - the U.K.’s no.1 laboratory show - gives us the opportunity to celebrate some of the key moments from many of the 26 previous events since it started in 1998, following success not only in the U.K. but also in Germany, France and Spain.

The Story of Science World is a collection of footage from previous events serving as a reminder that this is THE place for anyone working in or around a laboratory. Typically, attracting more than 700 visitors and 60 leading industry exhibitors, this is a fantastic opportunity to see thousands of laboratory products in action and hear from industry professionals … all from the comfort of your own home!

With useful videos from past events, trusted testimonials from over the years and valuable photographs to help you re-live all the highlights, The Story of Science World is all designed to help you put all that extra time at home to good use on planning all your future requirements.

And best of all? You can dip in and out of this, watching everything that The Story of Science World has to offer, as many times as you like!

Welcome to The Story of Science World


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Science World is coming to Strasbourg!

Science World, the premier laboratory experience, is coming to France for the first time and will be at the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès, Strasbourg on 29 September 2016.

Science World is THE place to be for anyone working in or around a laboratory. Anticipated to attract more than 700 visitors and 60 leading industry exhibitors, this is a fantastic opportunity to see thousands of laboratory products in action, have the chance for great networking and attend industry leading technical seminars.

Keep checking this page for all the latest news.

Event details: 09.00 to 16.00

Venue: Palais de la Musique et des Congrès, Strasbourg

Date: 29 September 2016


Science World profile: David Lowe

Science World in Strasbourg is excited to welcome David Lowe and his scientific experiments.

David Lowe is this year bringing his scientific experiments to Science World, in what is set to be a highlight of the event.

Having studied Physics and Philosophy in Oxford, David then spent seven years writing and performing humorous monologues on a popular French radio programme. Unlike most scientific journalists, David has studied physics with a passion, having also gained a PhD.

“On n’est pas que des Cobayes” is a hugely popular television show in France, filled with an array of weird and wonderful, right through to scientifically brilliant experiments.

When asked what the highlights have been while working on “On n’est pas que des Cobayes” over the last five years, David commented: "Doing things I would never have done otherwise".

Delving deeper, we find out that David has tried his hand at almost everything - from walking on top of a wind turbine to abseiling 100 metres down buildings. This isn't to say he hasn't suffered for his art though - having suffered a broken toe, dislocated collar bone and excruciating back ache over the years.

The real highlight for David though has been meeting hundreds of devout scientists, from astrophysicists to squirrel experts.

It's possible that “On n’est pas que des Cobayes” will finish after this season, putting an end to what is considered one of the most intelligent programmes on French television.

As such, it's even more exciting for visitors to Science World that they'll get to see David performing his experiments first-hand.

What better way to learn than to be amazed and astounded by a stunning performance by one of the world's most renowned scientific journalists?

This won't be the last that the science world is to see of David though. He's in the process of setting up a scientific magazine for young people, hoping to inspire them down the career path that has seen him be able to ignite his passion for physics in exciting and entrancing ways.

Don't miss out on this brilliant show.


Science World Profile: Yves Coppens

Find out about one of the leading French specialists in human evolution ahead of his appearance as a keynote speaker at Science World Strasbourg.

Currently considered one of the leading French specialists in human evolution, it's particularly exciting that Yves Coppens will be attending Science World as a keynote speaker.

The keynote will focus on his book "Becoming Human", which was published in September 2015. He will then refer to his recent work, "The great history of man, the story of a man", which looks at his life, his research vocation, his scientific work and also tells the odyssey of the human species, emphasising current research which has thrown new light on its potential.

Yves Coppens is most well-known for the part he played in the discovery of Lucy, the common name used for AL 288-1, 52 pieces of bone fossils representing 40 per cent of the skeleton of a female of the hominin species 'Australopithecus afarensis'.

The Lucy specimen is an early australopithecine and is dated to about 3.2 million years ago.

Most recently, Yves Coppens was appointed as the New Rome Prize, which will see him mentoring and working alongside residents of the Academy of France in Rome.

He is a member of the Academy of Sciences of the Institute of France and the National Academy of Medicine, as well as many other global academies. He has won numerous awards for his work, both in France and internationally, as well as being awarded with honorary doctorates at multiple universities.


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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Decrease RSI by optimizing pipeting best pratices

You can improve accuracy, precision and well-being in work decreasing pipetting risks when you combine the right pipetting tools, technique, ergonomics, and service with the most critical factor: the skill and expertise of the operator.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ultra pure water- key steps for quality and reproductible results

To match purified water needs of various laboratory applications, it it is important to combine the approriate contaminant removal techniques into an individual water purification solution.Ultrapure water being a critical reagent best handling pratices are key to guarantee you high quality, reproductible results.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

The Art of Keeping Cool and Maintaining Cell Viability

"Cryopreservation is vital to cell viability and there is an “art” in finding the right techniques for your cells and workflow Picking the correct sample storage vial, and practicing aseptic techniques before, during, and after cryopreservation will ensure viable cells for downstream analysis There is always room for improvement in sample storage to improve process and quality control"

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Magnetic beads principle used with KingFisher technology, or how to succeed in your daily extracts?

KingFisher : Magnetic beeds offers better reproductibility and a wide application field


Quality, cleanliness and Security in the laboratory; Security and maintenance of the glass DURAN

"SCHOTT FRANCE and DURAN Group conference is interactive and allowed to discover the magic of the manufacture of borosilicate glass through videos presented in PPT support, quality, components, requirements, properties, resistance, advantages of DURAN glass, and cleaning instructions are presented during this intervention Innovations devices from DURAN Group in conjunction with the theme of security circulate in the assembly during the meeting At the end of the conferenz, , an instruction PDF manual about the Laboratoryglassware reprocessing is send to each participant"


GE HEALTHCARE Protein Purification, toward an automated solution.

Protein Purification : we invite you to discover our new chromatography resins and our new Chromatography System Akta Start for the automation of your purifications.


Protective Gloves : Update on the upcoming changes in the PPE regulation and the standards

A snapshot on the new PPE regulation, the new obligation for manufacturer and distributor along with a deep dive on the upcoming changes on the EN 374 standard.


Lab Weighing Academy: good weighing practice

Reminder of Weighing technology

  • Reminder of terms used
  • Some notions of Metrology
  • Weighing Minimum
  • Factors affecting Weighing


Dangerous and hazardous wastes in your laboratory: regulation and how to deal with it

1- Facts and figures on wastes in France
2- What about the regulation in France regarding the dangerous wastes
3- Best practices and processes to deal with the dangerous and hazardous wastes in your laboratory

Corning Life Sciences

New Tools for Maintenance, Expansion and Scale up of Human Stem Cells

Stem cells are used for cellular therapy and regenerative medicine because of their potential to differentiate into a variety of cell lineages. This seminar focuses on biological and synthetical surfaces for cell culture and differentiation of embryonic (ES), induced pluripotent (iPSC) and adult-derived stem cells. A variety of extended surface culture devices for scale-up options will be shown in order to build cell mass for future cell therapy.


How to work safely with flammable liquids?

You will experience the behaviour of flammable liquids, learn about the various sources of ignition and get to know how to take protective and preventive action - because knowledge is still the best way to ensure a high degree of safety at work

ThermoFisher Scientific

Gene synthesis and Genome Engineering

CRISPR Technology allows targeting and modifying genomic DNA specifically with high efficiency. It therefore facilitates the development of new cell models for diverse applications.

ThermoFisher Scientific

Cellular imaging - New Cell Imaging system & High Content Screening (HCS)

Presentation of the the latest advances in Imaging Systems, and introduction to High-content screening and its applications.

ThermoFisher Scientific

From Gene to Protein

Presentation on the last innovations to facilitate your research from your samples up to the expression of your protein of interest. This will include sample treatment, cloning and expression, purification and analysis of proteins.

ThermoFisher Scientific

Rare Events Detection by Flow Cytometry

The ability to accurately detect and analyze rare cells in a cell population is critical. Flow cytometry is the method of choice for detecting rare-cell populations. Accoustic focusing offers  advantages for this application.

ThermoFisher Scientific

Speed up your translational and clinical research with qPCR high throughout applications.

The presentation will presents tools for high throughput PCR quantitication for your gene targets (microRNA, antibiotic resistance, clinical microbiology, pharmacogenomics…) with a complete specificity and a great precision.


Online registration has now closed for Science World 2016 - Strasbourg.

If you have not pre-registered but wish to attend, you will be able to register on the door.

Fisher Scientific reserves the right to refuse entry to competitors etc.

We look forward to seeing you at the Palais de la Musique et des Congrès.


Please find below the provisional programme for Thursday 29 September 2016:



09:10 – 09:30

David Lowe

09:30 – 10:15

SARTORIUS - Lab Weighing Academy: good weighing practice
Thermo Fisher Scientific - The Art of Keeping Cool and Maintaining Cell Viability
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Magnetic beads principle used with KingFisher technology, or how to succeed in your daily extracts?
CLIKECO - Dangerous and hazardous wastes in your laboratory: regulation and how to deal with it

10:30 – 11:30

Yves Coppens

11:30 – 11:50

David Lowe

11:45 – 12:30

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Rare Events Detection by Flow Cytometry
Thermo Fisher Scientific - From Gene to Protein
KIMBERLY CLARK PROFESSIONAL -Protective Gloves: Update on the upcoming changes in the PPE regulation and the standards
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Decrease RSI by optimizing pipetting best practices

12:00 – 14:00


12:30 – 12:50

David Lowe

13:45 – 14:30

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Ultra-pure water- key steps for quality and reproducible results
Corning Life Sciences - New Tools for Maintenance, Expansion and Scale up of Human Stem Cells
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Speed up your translational and clinical research with qPCR high throughout applications
SCHOTT FRANCE représentant de DURAN GROUP - SQuality, cleanliness and Security in the laboratory; security and maintenance of the glass DURAN

14:30 – 14:50

David Lowe

14:45 – 15:30

GE HEALTHCARE LIFE SCIENCES -GE HEALTHCARE Protein Purification, toward an automated solution
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Gene synthesis and Genome Engineering
asecos® - How to work safely with flammable liquids?
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Cellular imaging - New Cell Imaging system & High Content Screening (HCS)




09:00 – 16:00


09:00 – 16:00

Refreshments – tea, coffee, soft drinks

NB: All activities and timings may be subject to change. Please keep checking back as live updates will be added here.


Click on the letter corresponding to the name of the exhibitor. The list of exhibitors is growing daily ! Remember to check back periodically



Come and see the latest innovations from 3M – a World leader in Personal Protective Equipment and Safety Solutions
From the most basic workplace needs to the most specialized industrial applications, 3M offers the health and safety protection you and your workers need most, so everyone can perform at their best. 3M is committed to creating a safer workplace through collaboration with customers, understanding their workplace hazards and introducing appropriate safety solutions. Products on display at Fisher Science World will include:

  • Safety coveralls
  • New eyewear products
  • Powered air respirators
  • Head, face and hearing protection
  • Disposable and reusable respiratory products

asecos GmbH / asecos Sarl

asecos Sarl

asecos – Expert for storage of hazardous materials
asecos is the leading German manufacturer of highly-insulated safety storage cabinets for flammables according to the most stringent European and American standards. In addition asecos offers many products for the safe handling of chemicals as well as a variety of extraction systems.

Avantor Bio

Avantor Bio

Advance laboratory performance and deliver consistent, reproducible results with J.T.Baker® analytical chemistries, now available through Fisher Scientific.
J.T.Baker® chemicals and reagents are application optimized and function-tested to excel in the world’s most demanding laboratory applications. Since 1904, J.T.Baker® materials have improved lab and instrument performance and delivered superior consistency to help advance cutting-edge life sciences applications.
Visit the Avantor™ Performance Materials team at Science World 2016 to learn more about the robust portfolio of J.T.Baker® analytical chemistries, including high-purity ULTRA LC/MS products, LC/MS solvents and blends, Gas Chromatography solvents and reagents and HPLC products.
Also, ask the Avantor team about our line of Macron Fine Chemicals™ brand analytical products in laboratory sizes.

For more information, visit .

Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

Research, industrial and healthcare professionals rely on SP Scienceware for their sample handling needs. Sold worldwide, Bel-Art and H-B Instrument brand laboratory supplies include over 5,000 items from safety wash bottles to fume hoods, thermometers, racks, desiccators, hydrometers, ice buckets, scoops and spoons. Custom calibration services, plastic molding, specialty coatings and wire manufacturing are also available. Wilmad-LabGlass brand laboratory glassware complements Bel-Art and H-B Instrument with over 7000 items including NMR and EPR consumables and specialty glassware, as well as custom fabrication for individual glassware, glass repair services and OEM glass parts. SP Scienceware is a division of Warminster, PA based SP Industries which also include SP Scientific laboratory, thermal management, and pharmaceutical production equipment and SP Ableware aids for daily living.

Science World

Bibby Scientific Ltd

Bibby Scientific Ltd offers some of the most internationally recognised brands with reputations for product quality and exceptional performance. We are delighted that Fisher Science World 2016 will be a showcase for several new lines available through Fisher Scientific including our NEW Jenway 7200 visible spectrophotometer which leverages diode array technology for fast scanning across the whole wavelength range of 330 to 900nm. The NEW Stuart SMP50 automatic melting point will also be showcased on the stand. This melting point utilises the latest technology in digital image processing to accurately identify the melt of up to three samples simultaneously. There will of course also be a selection of our most popular laboratory equipment from our five brands; Electrothermal, Stuart, Techne, Jenway and PCR Max. All brands are featured in Fisher Scientific portfolio with a selection of products also featured in the 2016 Fisher lab essentials program.

Biochrom, BTX, Hoefer, KDS

Science World


Biochrom is a leading global manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience of designing and manufacturing the highest quality scientific instruments. Our instruments are trusted by scientists, doctors and technicians in hospitals and laboratories worldwide. Biochrom has long standing relationships as a valued OEM partner to many of the worlds’ largest and most exciting scientific instrumentation companies.

Biochrom manufactures a broad range of UV-Vis spectrophotometers including the Biochrom Genius high performance spectrophotometers for clinical and low volume measurements, analytical, and industrial laboratories, Biochrom products are available through Fisher Scientific, backed by Biochrom’s deep commitment to quality design and manufacturing as well as exceptional customer support.

Science World


BTX is a world leader in electroporation systems specializing in providing complete Single- and Dual-Waveform Electroporation Systems. BTX is also a leading provider of high throughput and cell fusion electroporation equipment. In particular, BTX’s cell fusion apparatus are the defining standard for this industry segment. In addition, BTX provides the widest available selection of tools dedicated to in vivo, in vitro, in situ, and in-ovo applications.

Science World


Hoefer has consistently provided high quality and reliable equipment, instrumentation, and consumables since offering the first commercially available electrophoresis equipment in 1967. Hoefer’s extensive experience in developing and manufacturing tools for gel electrophoresis and complimentary accessories allows us to deliver products that are intelligently designed for top performance and ease of use.

Science World

KD Scientific

KD Scientific provides liquid handling products for automated and affordable delivery of fluids and gas in the laboratory environment. Our products are recognized worldwide for quality and reliability at an economical price. KD Scientific has the broadest line of economical infusion pumps, syringe pumps, OEM syringe pumps and syringe pumps with infuse and withdraw capability.

BioTek Instruments, Inc.

BioTek Instruments, Inc.

BioTek® is recognized worldwide for designing and manufacturing high-value, customer driven microplate-based instrumentation used to aid in the advancement of life science research, facilitate the drug discovery process and to enable cost-effective quantification of disease relevant molecules in the clinic. BioTek’s comprehensive product line includes automated widefield digital microscopy systems, multi-mode and single mode microplate detection systems for absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence measurements. BioTek’s liquid handling products include microplate washers, dispensers and pipetting systems. Automated incubators, microplate stackers, powerful data and image analysis software, and myriad accessory options provide the complete solution for laboratories around the world.



Brady identifies and protects people, products and premises with high performance labels, printers, software, safety and facility identification products. At Brady we provide laboratories worldwide with dedicated and reliable identification solutions to reinforce best lab practice. Choose clear and durable labeling to eliminate errors in sample identification and ensure traceability. Even after long-term storage and extreme conditions the text remains legible. Brady’s laboratory identification solutions deliver fast and accurate identification for the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency for now and for the future.



Als unabhängiges, deutsches Familienunternehmen ist BRAND seit über 60 Jahren Partner des Vertrauens und Referenz im Labor. Mit rund 500 Mitarbeitern entwickelt, produziert und vertreibt BRAND innovative Laborgeräte in perfekter Qualität. Die Schwerpunkte liegen in den Bereichen Biowissenschaften, Chemie, Pharmazie und Prozessanalytik.

Während der Fisher Science World präsentiert BRAND das umfangreiche Produktprogramm mit vielen Neuheiten inkl. Liquid Handling Geräte (Dispenser, Büretten, manuelle und elektronische Einkanal-/Mehrkanal- und Stepperpipetten), Volumenmessgeräte Glas/Kunststoff, Verbrauchsmaterial aus hochwertigen Kunststoffen für Analyse und Life Science (PCR, Probenlagerung, HTS/UHTS, UV-Küvetten, Immunologie, Zellkultur).

Analytik Jena logo-supplier


Bürkle develops, manufactures and distributes samplers, sampling systems, drum pumps for aggressive and dangerous liquids, as well as a variety of lab equipment made of plastic. Bürkle's customers are mainly active in the following industries: the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals, food and luxury food and environmental protection. Bürkle offers Europe's most comprehensive product line in manual samplers and pumps. The highest quality possible and constant innovations are top priorities for Bürkle.

New products: DispoSamplers
Bürkle disposable samplers – DispoSampler – are used to take samples of liquids, viscous media, powders and granulates. Target point samples can be taken, all-layer and cross-section samples, as well as small and large sample quantities. Unlike conventional reusable samplers, disposable samplers do not need to be cleaned after use.
A huge hoard of chocolate drops is waiting to be "sampled" by our visitors. Take your own sample with our new LaboPlast® disposable sampling scoops!



As a leading developer, manufacturer, and global supplier of scientific laboratory products for 100 years, Corning Life Sciences collaborates with researchers seeking new approaches to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and compress timelines in the drug discovery process. Using unique expertise in the fields of materials science, surface science, optics, biochemistry and biology, the segment provides innovative solutions that improve productivity and enable breakthrough discoveries.

Life Sciences laboratory products include general labware and equipment, as well as specialty surfaces, media and reagents that are used for cell culture research, bioprocessing, genomics, drug discovery or microbiology. Corning sells life science products under these primary brands: Corning, Falcon, Axygen and Gosselin.

  • Vessels: Corning® HYPER platform of vessels for increased cell yields
  • Surfaces: Corning® CellBIND® Surface; Corning®Matrigel®; Corning®BioCoat™; Corning Synthemax® II Surface
  • Media: Corning® stemgro®

Duran Group Logo


The DURAN Group is an international manufacturer of borosilicate 3.3 technical glassware for research and industrial applications. It is one of the leading companies in the production of laboratory glassware made from borosilicate 3.3., a special glass registered under the brand name DURAN®.

The DURAN Group covers the entire value chain from glass melting to precise forming and high precision processing. The standard laboratory products, under the brand name DURAN®, are used in research laboratories worldwide. Special-purpose industrial glass products made from DURAN® are used in many industrial sectors such as food, lighting, domestic appliances, chemical and medical technology.

For more information, please visit .



Depuis plus de 50 ans, Eberhardt Frères est distributeur exclusif des produits LIEBHERR réputés pour leurs performances, leur robustesse et leur fiabilité.

L’offre Eberhardt Frères de produits froid scientifique regroupe les réfrigérateurs et congélateurs de la marque LIEBHERR mais aussi les machines à glace BREMA. Destinées aux univers scientifiques, médicaux, pharmaceutique et industriels. les produits répondent aux exigences spécifiques du monde scientifique : Pharmacies et Officines, Laboratoires en Industries et Hôpitaux, etc…

E+F dispose d'un site internet entièrement consacré à la gamme : complet, il s’adresse à tous les secteurs du froid scientifique ! Consultez le catalogue en ligne, téléchargez l’intégralité de la gamme sous forme de fiches produit détaillées, téléchargez également les certificats de conformité des produits, découvrez les actualités et les nouveautés.

Rendez-vous sur:





"Eppendorf France : notre entreprise et nos services

Directement rattachée à sa maison mère, Eppendorf AG (Hambourg, Allemagne), Eppendorf France a été créée en 1996 et gère la commercialisation de l'intégralité des produits et des services Eppendorf sur l'ensemble du territoire français.

Eppendorf France assure également le développement de l'image d'Eppendorf dans tous les domaines des Biotechnologies, et principalement autour des techniques de Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire.

Elle apporte aux utilisateurs toute l'assistance technique et applicative sur les produits Eppendorf, avant, pendant et après la vente.

En complément de notre équipe commerciale répartie sur l'ensemble du territoire, nos spécialistes applications conseillent et soutiennent les clients avec leur expertise et proposent ainsi des solutions globales pour les différents laboratoires des sciences de la Vie. Une logistique bien organisée de distribution d'échantillons et de mise à disposition d'appareils de démonstration complètent notre offre.

Eppendorf France a également développé une structure complète dédiée aux services afin de vous accompagner tout au long de la vie de vos appareils.

Notre division epServices a débuté son histoire en 1984, au travers de la société Stagbio sarl, devenue filiale d'Eppendorf France en 2004 et depuis le 1er janvier 2015 partie intégrante de notre structure.

Tout d'abord spécialisé dans les prestations dédiées aux instruments volumétriques à piston, tels que les pipettes de toutes marques et de tous modèles, notre laboratoire est l'un des premiers laboratoires de volumétrie en France à obtenir l'accréditation Cofrac pour l'étalonnage des IVAP selon la norme ISO 8655.

Depuis 2006, la division epServices a étendu son activité à l'ensemble des gammes d'appareils proposé par Eppendorf pour devenir le centre d'expertise français de la marque Eppendorf. Nous travaillons en étroite collaboration avec notre maison mère Eppendorf AG en Allemagne ainsi qu'avec tous les centres de compétences techniques Eppendorf dans le monde, pour garantir la conformité fabricant de nos prestations.

Notre but :
La garantie d'un suivi de qualité pour l'ensemble des projets de développement des laboratoires.

Notre force :
Proposer à nos clients une offre package permettant de couvrir toute les applications dans la Biologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire."

Analytik Jena logo-supplier


Inventeur de la première hotte à filtration en 1968 et leader dans le domaine de la protection du personnel de laboratoire, Erlab conçoit, par son activité unique de recherche et développement, une large variété de solutions alternatives pour la filtration des polluants chimiques en laboratoire. Notre forte politique d’innovation nous engage à fournir aux laboratoires des solutions sûres et performantes, qui favorisent les économies d’énergie et le développement durable. Avec plus de 100 000 unités en fonctionnement, notre expertise dans le domaine des sorbonnes à filtration est à ce jour reconnue par les laboratoires du monde entier.



Fisher Scientific Customer Service

Fisher Scientific Customer service

Fisher Scientific Life Science

Fisher Scientific Life Science

Fisher Scientific Marketing

Fisher Scientific Marketing

Fisher Scientific Safety

Fisher Scientific Safety

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences business provides tools for drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing and cellular technologies, so research scientists worldwide can be more productive, effective and creative. Our vision is to be the start-to-finish bioprocessing solution provider, the partner of choice in cell and protein research and the leader in life sciences services. Building on our broad expertise across life sciences, we are firmly committed to help researchers understand life at a molecular level and develop solutions that can prevent, diagnose, treat, and cure disease.



Spécialiste de la préparation d’échantillons liquides manuelle et automatisée, Gilson aide au quotidien les scientifiques en leur proposant des solutions fiables, flexibles et innovantes, pour la manipulation et la purification des échantillons liquides dans les domaines des sciences de la vie, la pharmaceutique, l’agro-alimentaire et l’environnement.

Référence dans le pipetage, Gilson développe et fabrique, en France, une gamme de systèmes de pipetage et de pointes dont les célèbres pipettes PIPETMAN, et propose des prestations de services pour pipettes toutes marques, sur site ou en atelier, pour l’étalonnage standard ou COFRAC.

Gilson propose une plateforme dédiée à l’automatisation d’applications de pipetage en microplaques 96|384 puits, (ex : PCR, qPCR, NGS,…) et d’une ligne de préparateurs d’échantillons d’une grande polyvalence (séries GX-LH et GX-ASPEC).

Gilson conçoit également des systèmes de purification, compacts ou modulaires, destinés à la chromatographie liquide et GPC, la chromatographie Flash, Industrielle et à la technologie CPC/CCC, particulièrement adaptée à la purification d’extraits naturels.

En savoir + :

Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH & Co. KG

Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH & Co. KG

Depuis plus de 50 ans, les produits de la Sté Hirschmann se retrouvent dans les laboratoires de plus de 100 pays du monde. C’est que nos appareils de laboratoire, nos pompes péristaltiques, nos appareils en verre pour analyses volumétriques et nos capillaires de précision constituent bien plus que des outils judicieux et de grande qualité pour les spécialistes des laboratoires. Pour nos clients, nous mettons au point des solutions innovantes pour le travail quotidien dans les laboratoires médicaux, la recherche et l‘industrie. Cette force innovatrice de notre personnel se reflète notamment dans les 32 familles de marques verbales et figuratives ainsi que dans les 26 familles de brevets déposées à ce jour, et qui ont toutes abouti à des produits et, par conséquence, à l’avancement du leadership mondial. Mais les appareils de laboratoire Hirschmann n’ont pas seulement bâti leur réputation sur leurs bonnes performances et leur avance technologique. Bon nombre de produits se sont vus décerner un prix pour leur design et leur ergonomie, comme le iF Design Award ou le reddot Award, ou encore le label de l’ange bleu pour leur respect de l’environnement. Au Fisher Science World, Hirschmann Laborgeräte présentera en plus de ses produits liquid handling, des appareils volumétriques en verre et des capillaires de précision, également des nouveaux entraînements de sa famille des pompes péristaltiques.

HUBER Kältemaschinenbau

HUBER Kältemaschinenbau

Huber Kältemaschinenbau is technology leader for high precision thermoregulation solutions in research and industry. Our products ensure precise temperature control in laboratories, pilot plants and production processes throughout the whole world – from -125 °C to +425 °C.

The company employs approximately 250 employees at its headquarters in Offenburg and operates internationally with offices and trading partners. More than 250,000 Huber temperature control products are in use in science, research and industrial applications. In 2016 Huber was awarded with the “TOP 100 Innovator” seal for being one of the most innovative medium sized companies in Germany.

Besides dynamic temperature control systems we develop and produce chillers as well as classic heating and cooling circulators. Typical applications can be found in the automotive industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, aerospace engineering and medical industry.

For many applications we supply custom-tailored solutions, which we develop in cooperation with our customers.



Les appareils JULABO permettent de réguler la température de -95°C à + 400°C avec une très haute précision. Depuis sa création en 1967, JULABO reste un précurseur de la régulation de la température. Aujourd’hui, JULABO reste le fabricant leader à l’international d’appareils de régulation de température pour la recherche et l’industrie.

Les nouveautés JULABO :
-- CORIO™ - les nouveaux régulateurs de température de laboratoire pour un usage quotidien et de routine.
- PRESTO™ - 10 nouveaux modèles A45, A45t, W45, W45t, W50, W50t A85, A85t, W85, W85t



Since 1906 the world's most widely trusted safety containment systems. Industry leading products for safety in labs, scale-up process, storage, handling and security products including fire prevention safety equipment for hazardous materials, environmental protection spill containment devices, and specialized storage products. Faithfully tested for unsurpassed quality and compliance to applicable codes and regulations, the most popular models of Justrite safety cabinets, safety cans, specialty containers and storage products and drum handling equipment are backed the with an industry exclusive 10-Year Limited Warranty.


With no metal parts to corrode, this durable, HDPE (high-density polyethylene) cabinet safely stores strong acids or bases. Recessed toe-kick offers improved ergonomics when used under a counter, or use for stand-alone storage and take advantage of top work surface. Stack two cabinets for increased storage capacity. Spacious interior with adjustable shelf holds up to 36, 2.5-liter bottles.

PE cabinet video »

Kimberly-Clark PROFESSIONAL* logo-supplier

Kimberly-Clark PROFESSIONAL*

Healthier, safer and more productive

KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* has built a reputation as the world leader in personal and process protection for laboratories and cleanrooms. Our scientific business specialises in partnering with pharmaceutical and research customers to create exceptional workplaces.

Expertise in regulated environments enables us to incorporate quality by design into innovative products and develop highly effective, added-value engagement tools and services such as our RIGHTCYCLE* Program which makes it easy to recycle our gloves and apparel, hence reducing environmental impact. We are changing the conversation with distributors and customers to simplify the buying process and help laboratory teams focus on engaging employees in safety, health and protection programs.

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Tel: +44 1737736000

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The Company

We are a global player for laboratory, pilot plant and production equipment in the dispersing technology.

Our POLYTRON® batch and MEGATRON® Inline disperser are suitable for many applications such as: Mixing of liquids. Dissolution of powders in liquids. Foaming by air induction. Emulsions with fats or oils e.g. skin cream. Sample preparation for analysis or quality control. Top grinding performance with our POLYMIX® laboratory mills. We supply high homogeneous results.

With 50 years of experience in numerous applications, we could always offer a lot of customized solutions for our globally acting customers.



Fondée en 1946 à Hänigsen en Allemagne, Köttermann est aujourd’hui devenue une référence dans le monde entier pour la fourniture de mobilier de laboratoire. Notre concept « Systemlabor » a aujourd’hui évolué avec la nouvelle gamme « EXPLORIS » et qui propose un nouveau design et des innovations uniques sur le marché. Köttermann continue à utiliser uniquement de l’acier comme matériau principal. Nous réalisons votre projet de laboratoire de A à Z grâce à notre bureau d’études et nos équipes de monteurs certifiés.
La gamme comporte notamment :

  • paillasses,
  • meubles à roulettes, socle, suspendus,
  • armoires basses, hautes, suspendues,
  • distribution sur colonne, mur technique, pont, dosseret,
  • sorbonnes respectant les dernières normes en vigueur, contrôleur dédiéTouchTronic
  • armoires de sécurité,
  • chariots charges lourdes, dessertes,
  • mobilier de bureau

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Memmert GmbH + Co. KG

Now in its third generation, Memmert develops and produces temperature control appliances at two locations in Germany. The product range includes heating and drying ovens, sterilisers, vacuum ovens, incubators, Peltier cooled incubators, compressor cooled incubators, CO2 incubators, constant climate chambers, humidity chambers, climate chambers and water and oil baths.

The appliances are used for a wide range of applications such as:

  • biological, chemical and food research
  • industrial material and component testing
  • human and veterinary medicine
  • wide-ranging quality tests in sophisticated production processes

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Merck is a leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials. Around 50,000 employees work to further develop technologies that improve and enhance life – from biopharmaceutical therapies to treat cancer or multiple sclerosis, cutting-edge systems for scientific research and production, to liquid crystals for smartphones and LCD televisions. In 2015, Merck generated sales of € 12.8 billion.

Founded in 1668, Merck is the world's oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company. The founding family remains the majority owner of the publicly listed corporate group. Merck, Darmstadt, Germany holds the global rights to the Merck name and brand. The only exceptions are the United States and Canada, where the company operates as EMD Serono, MilliporeSigma and EMD Performance Materials.



METTLER TOLEDO is a leading global manufacturer of precision instruments sold in more than 100 countries. Our many years of experience in the design and marketing of precision instruments has earned us a reputation as the most trusted supplier of high quality, easy-to-use and reliable products. We are committed to the continued development of innovative new product solutions to meet your requirements. Highlights include the Seven2Go and Seven2Go Pro portable meters, the new FiveSeries benchtop and portable meter range and the new look InLab electrodes, all of which complement and enhance our highly competent and well positioned range of electrochemistry products, portable density meters and refractometers.



Motic was established in 1988 as a hi-tech industrial enterprise specialized in manufacturing conventional compound microscopes. The company consists of sales offices in Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Spain and the United States. Moreover it has four wholly-owned factories across China.

During the late 1990s, Motic started to explore and develop affordable digital microscopy solutions. This has proven to be a worthwhile investment turning Motic into one of the leading brands of digital microscopy.

The main goal of Motic remains the same today, as it was when it was founded: making sure its users get product with an excellent price/performance ratio.

Do not miss the Motic stand if you want to find out the latest digital technologies to enhance your microscopy experience.



MP Biomedicals is a worldwide corporation committed to the development, manufacturing and marketing of life science and diagnostics products. The company is dedicated to providing scientists and researchers with the most innovative and highest quality tool, combined with superior service to aid them in their quest for ground-breaking discovery and turning the hope for life-changing solutions into a reality. MP Biomedicals offers a line of more than 55.000 life science research and diagnostic products (in the field of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Biochemicals, Rapid Diagnostic, EIA/RIA Diagnostic, etc…) that support academic and government research institutions as well as pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. No matter how dynamic the evolution of the life science and biotechnology field, MP Biomedicals’ team remains committed to supporting customers in their effort to make new discoveries. From basic research, through scale-up, to full-scale production and diagnostic testing, MP Biomedicals serves every industry need.



Nickel-Electro Ltd. is an independent family owned business, now in its third generation. The company is proud to be a British Manufacturer, specialising in the design and manufacture of temperature control equipment.
Nickel-Electro has a philosophy of manufacturing everything on-site, in order to control lead time, quality and most importantly, cost. This ensures that they can provide their customers with the highest quality products at affordable prices. All Clifton water baths are pre-calibrated to NAMAS standards before leaving the South West based factory. Nickel- Electro manufactures a range of ultrasonic baths, centrifuges, hotplates, mixers ovens & incubators, as well as a selection of laboratory metalware such as crucibles, spatulas and tongs



OHAUS has been the brand of choice for customers who are looking for high quality weighing products at an economical price for over 100 years. With our vast experience in the design, development and marketing of scales and balances in the Laboratory, Industrial, Education and Food markets, OHAUS has earned its reputation as a trusted global supplier of precise, reliable and affordable products that meet virtually any weighing need. Highlights include the Adventurer AX range of analytical and precision balances, the new Explorer EX semi-micro balances, the popular extended Explorer EX range with automatic door, external calibration and high capacity models, the new Scout SKX portable and Scout STX precision portable models as well as the new MB90 and MB120 moisture analysers.

Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin, domnick hunter Filtration & Separation Division

Parker Domnick Hunter is the leading provider of gas systems for analytical science instruments involved in the identification of physical, chemical, molecular and elemental properties of compounds.

From ultra-high purity hydrogen for use as a carrier gas to multiple gas generators to operate sophisticated instruments, our compact generators are specifically designed to meet the stringent gas requirements of all the leading analytical instruments.

We have the world’s largest installed base of gas generators for use in various analytical techniques, including gas chromatography. Working with a wide range of markets, including Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Polymer and Environmental Monitoring to CRO & Forensics,

Our gas solutions assure users of a clean, leak-free source of gas, which can be generated in the lab at close proximity to instruments. Whether there is a requirement for carrier gas, fuel gas or make-up gas, Parker’s gas generators assure you of a cost effective and reliable solution.



RETSCH – the no. 1 solution provider for milling and sieving equipment used for quality control and R&D! Our latest developments include the High Energy Ball Mill Emax, a mill that revolutionizes fine grinding by producing particle sizes in the nanometer range in a fraction of the time conventional ball mills need. Other highlights include the new Vibratory Sieve Shakers AS 200 and AS 300 which not only received a fresh new look but also some new technical and operational features which make sieve analysis more convenient than ever.
Visit our stand and take your chance to participate in our big competition – the first prize is a fully electric BMW i3 which could soon be yours!

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Sartorius Lab Instruments GmbH & Co. KG

The Sartorius Group is a leading international pharmaceutical and laboratory equipment provider with two divisions: Bioprocess Solutions and Lab Products & Services. Bioprocess Solutions with its broad product portfolio focusing on single-use solutions helps customers produce biotech medications and vaccines safely and efficiently. Lab Products & Services, with its premium laboratory instruments, consumables and services, concentrates on serving the needs of laboratories performing research and quality assurance at pharma and biopharma companies and on those of academic research institutes. Founded in 1870, the company earned sales revenue of more than 1.1 billion euros in 2015. More than 6,200 people work for the Group, which has its own manufacturing and sales sites in around 110 countries.

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S.C.A.T. Europe GmbH

Work in the laboratory requires a high level of concentration and is often subject to high performance pressure. Therefore it is important for colleagues to work with the best possible devices and resources.

The most essential value is the health of humans in the laboratory and maintaining health is a significant part of our strategy and work.

Perfect materials and simple, but absolutely safe, handling are the preconditions for safety. This is what products from S.C.A.T. provide with a guarantee you can count on. All S.C.A.T. products are developed in close collaboration with major German chemical and pharmaceutical firms. Here, chemists, engineers and technicians have deliberated, developed and manufactured for colleagues.

Our company was founded to implement maximum safety standards and to guarantee them over the long term. S.C.A.T. Europe stands for Safety-Center-Analyses-Technology. We follow this idea with pleasure and success.



SciLabware Limited est l'un des plus grands fabricants au monde de verrerie de laboratoire et de consommable plastique réutilisable. Notre large gamme se caractérise par plus de 6000 produits à usage général et spécifique en verre et plastique. Elle comporte certaines marques des plus connues du monde Scientifique : verrerie borosilicaté Pyrex®, verrerie rodée Quickfit ®, verrerie volumétrique MBL ®, plastique réutilisable AZLON ® et solutions pour le conditionnement et les Sciences de la vie Wheaton® Des béchers, réfrigérants et vials en verre aux éprouvettes, flacons et pissettes plastiques, Notre offre complète répond à de nombreuses applications de laboratoire. De plus amples informations sont à votre disposition sur nos sites Web : N’hésitez pas à venir découvrir certaines de nos dernières nouveautés !



Socorex Isba SA est un fabricant suisse qui développe et commercialise des instruments de précision pour le dosage, l'échantillonnage et la distribution de liquide. Le programme comprend des micropipettes manuelles et électroniques mono et multicanaux, pipettes à répétition, doseurs, pipeteurs manuel et électroniques, seringues automatiques, embouts et accessoires.

L’entreprise est certifiée ISO 9001/13485; les micropipettes portent le sigle CE (dispositifs médicaux pour le diagnostic In Vitro). Chaque instrument passe un contrôle de qualité strict, attesté par un certificat individuel. 3 ans de garantie sur les micropipettes. Laboratoire de contrôle accrédité SAS (ISO 17025) pour l’émission de certificats d’étalonnages SAS/COFRAC. Informations complémentaires sur :

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"La société SPECTRACER est spécialisée dans la production d’étalons inorganiques pour SAA, ICP, ICP-MS et IC (chromatographie ionique) , Organique , Pharmacopée Européenne et solutions analytiques. Essayez nos étalons multi-éléments et optimisez votre temps et votre budget.»

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Through our Thermo Scientific, Applied Biosystems, Invitrogen, Unity Lab Services, Fisher Chemical, Fisher BioReagents, Maybridge, Acros Organics and Alfa Aesar brands, we offer an unmatched combination of innovative technologies, purchasing convenience and support.

Visit our stands to see the latest innovations for:

  • Anatomical Pathology
  • Chemistry Solutions
  • Chromatography Columns and Consumables
  • Laboratory Equipment and Consumables
  • Molecular Spectroscopy
  • qPCR, Cell, Protein and Molecular Biology Products


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Lovibond® Water test kits for the environmental and industrial use (COD, BOD) for precise and reliable determination of: drinking water; waste water; surface and ground water; untreated water and effluents, through to cooling water and boiler water. Lovibond® range of photometers, portable colorimeter, visual comparators, easy-to-use test kits and dip slides combine with the stability and quality of Lovibond® reagents to enable rapid yet accurate measurement of: parameters from Acidity to Zinc, pH, TDS, Conductivity, Oxygen, Temperature, Turbidity.

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Ultra-Violet Products Ltd

UVP (an Analytik Jena Company) is a global leader in life science imaging supplying BioImaging Systems for academic, biopharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. With core expertise as the leading manufacturer of ultraviolet products, UVP combines its innovative technologies with a specialization in fluorescent and luminescent-based imaging applications in the life sciences at the molecular, cellular, and whole organism life levels.

UVP offers a wide range of BioImaging Systems from basic entry-level to advanced multifunctional systems for gel documentation, chemiluminescent, fluorescent and colorimetric imaging. In addition, the iBox Scientia Small Animal Imaging System is designed to automate in vivo small animal imaging research, enabling non-invasive detection of fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters in mice.

UVP covers a large selection of UV lamps, Transilluminators, PCR systems, UV cabinets, UV intensity meters, UV Crosslinkers, UV incubator, and Hybridization ovens. Light Sources are configured with standard and custom designs.



VELP Scientifica, an Italian company with 30+ years’ experience in design, manufacture and distribution of high quality laboratory equipment, is a key reference for lab, research centres and QC departments worldwide. Applications range from food&feed and water analysis to stirring solutions.

VELP analytical instruments include Kjeldahl apparatus, Dumas analyzer, fat and raw fiber extractors. Sample preparation instruments include BOD, COD, incubators, Jar Test, vortex mixers, overhead and heating/magnetic stirrers. TEMS™ technology saves Time, Energy, Money and Space, pursuing VELP’s commitment to optimize ecology and economy and protect our planet.



Welch est un fabricant de pompes à vide, systèmes de vide et accessoires de haute qualité. En tant que leader mondial de la technologie du vide, Welch est réputé pour son expertise axée sur l’apport de solutions et pour son service clientèle. Parmi ses clients internationaux, Welch compte de nombreux laboratoires et sociétés du secteur industriel. Welch apporte de la valeur au vide en proposant des solutions uniques et des produits OEM innovants.
La large gamme de produits Welch comprend des pompes à membranes, des pompes à palettes, des pompes à piston et pompes à vide turbo-moléculaire et des systèmes de vide. Pour répondre aux besoins de nos clients, nos spécialistes font appel aux nouvelles technologies et effectuent des tests approfondis dans nos laboratoires.

WTW - SI Analytics - Ebro - B + S

WTW - SI Analytics - Ebro - B + S

Xylem’s analytical business is an expanding family of long-established, leading brands manufacturing quantitative and qualitative instrumentation for the analysis of many different samples. Our commitment is to provide customers with the best tools available for solving their measurement challenges in the field, the laboratory or wherever they may be.

Xylem Inc. is one of the world’s leading suppliers of water technologies with operations in more than 150 countries and is committed to solving the most challenging water issues.


The world’s most complete line of pH/ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Turbidity, multi-parameter, rugged waterproof meters for lab or field; BOD/Respirometry instruments and photometers including reagents.

SI Analytics

Founded 1937 as SCHOTT® Geräte, SI Analytics provides a most comprehensive range of pH electrodes & meters as well as the TitroLine® range of auto-titrators that offers the best choice for regular potentiometric or Karl Fischer volumetric and coulometric titrations.

Bellingham + Stanley

Bellingham + Stanley has been supplying refractometers and polarimeters from its UK manufacturing base for over a century; from simple OPTi hand held refractometers to high precision instruments such as the latest RFM-T touchscreen refractometers and ADP600 Series of multi-wavelength polarimeters for use in industry and academic research.


Since 1968 ebro Electronic has specialised manufacturing premium quality handheld, portable and fixed devices for general measurement and data logging of temperature, pressure, pH and PU & F values as well as for measuring Brix and cooking oil quality within the food industry.