Balances, échelle et pesée

Fisherbrand™ Balance analytique

Avec leur écran anti-courant d’air facile à nettoyer, leur indicateur de niveau initial et leurs réglages environnementaux sélectionnables, les balances analytiques Fisherbrand™ sont idéales pour répondre aux besoins de pesée de routine de la plupart des laboratoires. Balance analytique 210g/0,1mg internal calibration

Fisherbrand™ Bacs jetables de pesée / séchage en aluminium

Designed for weighing, drying and more. Compatible with many popular balances and moisture analyzers. Choice of 10.9cm and 12.2cm diameter dishes. X1000 COUPELLE PLATE ALU 121 MM

Fisherbrand™ Nacelles de pesée en aluminium

Aluminum dishes for weighing and dispensing X1000 CAPSULE ALU A OREILLE 45 MM

Fisherbrand™ Weighing Paper Sheets

Provides a barrier between the scale and the product being weighed. Fisherbrand™ Weighing Paper Sheets have a tare weight of only 45g/m2. X250 feuilles de papier de pesée 45g/m² 100x100 mm

Zwiebel™ Pince anti-magnétique pour manipuler les poids, en acier inoxydable

Use these clamps for the handling of Zwiebel™ weights. PINCE DE PREHENSION 15CM

OHAUS™ Bac à échantillons pour analyseurs d’humidité MB35 et MB45

Bacs à échantillons pour analyseurs d’humidité Ohaus série MB. X3 REUSABLE SAMPLE PAN

OHAUS™ Balances portables de précision Scout™ SKX

Fast weighing speed and high resolution deliver repeatable and reliable results. OHAUS Scout SKX Precision Portable Balances are ideal for demanding classroom applications. Balance Portable Scout SKX 8200g/1g

Mettler Toledo™ Accessoires pour imprimante Balance : Papier pour imprimante

Printer paper for use with Mettler Toledo™ balances. PAPIER IMPRIMANTE

OHAUS™ Balances compactes CS Series

Balances électroniques portatives légères, idéales pour les travaux hors du laboratoire. BALANCE PORTABLE CS5000G/1G

Sartorius™ Ink Ribbon for Sartorius Balance Printers

Fits Sartorius YDP20-0CE Data Printer. RUBAN ENCREUR

Fisherbrand™ Moisture Analyzer

Analyseur d'humidité MBS65

Sartorius™ Balances semi-micro Cubis™ MSE : Pare-vent avec portes manuelles

Offers the optimal basis for users who need to weigh with the highest accuracy, but have lower needs in terms of complexity of a weighing process and data management Semi-microbalance with standard windscreen

OHAUS™ Balances portables de précision Scout™ STX

Fast weighing speed and high resolution deliver repeatable and reliable results, thereby setting new standards in laboratory and industrial weighing. OHAUS Scout STX Precision Portable Balances offer quick and efficient navigation with the informative color touchscreen display. It offers multiple built-in application modes, making even the most complex weighing tasks easy to perform. Balance Portable de laboratoire Scout STX 420g/0,1

Mettler Toledo™ Accessoires pour imprimante

For use with Mettler Toledo LC-P43 Printer, BT-P42 (wireless) Printer, and RS-P42 Printers. Mettler Toledo™ Self-Adhesive Paper Rolls for Mettler Toledo Balance Printers are replacement adhesive papers. X3 ROULEAU D ETIQUETTE ADHESIVEADHESIVE

Whatman™ Nacelles de pesée Kjeldahl

Designed to collect, transfer, and drop both sample and weighing boat into the acid solution during a Kjeldahl analysis without influencing analytical results. Whatman™ Kjeldahl Weighing Boats are excellent for both weighing and quantitative sample transfer. X100 NACELLE DE PESEE KJELDAHL

Ohaus™ Balance de précision compacte Valor 1000

Use this scale for food preparation and portioning applications. Ohaus™ Valor 1000 Compact Precision Scales are an economical choice for basic checkweighing, accumulation and weighing needs. BALANCE VALOR 1000 15KG/2G

Whatman™ Papiers de pesée Kjeldahl

En papier cristal. Les papiers de pesée Whatman™ de grade 2122 offrent un excellent transfert quantitatif à partir de papier. Le transfert complet est confirmé lorsque la surface devient brillante. X500 Grade 2122 Kjeldahl Weighing Boat Sheet, 150× 150 mm 2122 sheets

Kit interface USB Device, Scout

A unique solution to the problem of connecting a balance to a computer using a USB. The USB Interface kit includes a CD with the software drivers to create the required virtual port on the computer. Kit interface USB Device, Scout

Zwiebel™ Poids de boîte de classe E2 avec certificat d’étalonnage COFRAC

Calibrate weights of lower accuracy classes and are used with class I weighing instruments. Zwiebel™ Class E2 Box Weights are intended for use with class F1 weights. COFFRET POIDS E2 20G CERTIFIE

Sartorius™ Analyseur d’humidité MA37

For quick and reliable determination of the moisture content of liquid, pasty and solid substances using the thermogravimetric method. Analyseur d'humidité infrarouge MA37analyseur d'humidité pour rapide et précis résulta

Ohaus™ Analyseur d'humidité MB90

Measures moisture content with increased precision and efficiency. Analyseur d'humidité MB90

Ohaus™ Balance portable

Designed for a wide range of weighing applications. Ohaus™ Traveler Balances feature an integrated draftshield designed to allow multiple units to be stacked conveniently on top of each other. BALANCE PORTABLE CL 500G/0,1G

Ohaus™ MB25 Moisture Analyzer

Provides precise moisture content determination, percent solid determination and accurate weighing at an unbeatable value. Ohaus™ MB25 Moisture Analyzer delivers the ideal combination of results and value. ANALYSEUR D'HUMIDITE HALOGENE MB25

OHAUS™ Balance Navigator™ NV

Offers a combination of features, versatility and performance that fit a wide range of industrial, food and laboratory weighing applications BALANCE NV 5100GX0,5G LCD

Fisherbrand™ Piles de rechange pour humidimètre

For use with Hygrometers BATTERIE DE RECHANGE

Sartorius™ Balances analytiques de 90 mm Entris™

Fournit des résultats rapides pour les charges de travail élevées des applications répétitives. Les balances analytiques de 90 mm Sartorius™ Entris™ proposent un nouveau concept de fonctionnement : configuration simple des réglages individuels via des courts messages d’invite guidés par menus et navigation simple à l’aide des touches de déplacement du curseur. ENTRIS ANALYTICAL BALANCE

Macherey-Nagel™ Weighing Papers

Guarantees that weighed goods can be transferred without loss. Macherey Nagel™ Weighing Papers are transparent and smooth on both sides. X100 PAPIER PESEE MN226 9X11,5CM9X11,5CM

Porte-échantillon flexible pour balances Sartorius™ Cubis™

For use with Cubis Balances. Q-Grip is a flexible and adaptable “one-size-fits-all” holder for bottles, test tubes, reaction containers or filters (up to 120mm) for all Cubis semi-microbalances and analytical balances. Q-GRIP SUPPORT POUR RECIPIENTS