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Thermo Scientific™ Colonnes LC Acclaim™ Carbonyl C18

Utilisez les colonnes LC Thermo Scientific™ Acclaim™ Carbonyl C18 pour réaliser des séparations à haute résolution et à cadence élevée des dérivés DNPH d’aldéhydes et de cétones.

Marque:  Thermo Scientific™ 079012

Code nomenclature Nacres: SB.52

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Superior Performance for Challenging Aldehyde and Ketone Analysis

  • High efficiency separations for excellent UHPLC performance
  • Rugged columns with good lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • Proven robust methods

Wide Variety of Column Dimensions to Meet Your Analysis Needs

  • 2.2, 3 and 5µm particle sizes; smaller particle sizes provide high peak efficiency for fast analysis
  • 2.1, 3.0 and 4.6mm diameters; small diameter columns (2.1 and 3.0mm) consume less solvents and produce less chemical waste
  • 100, 150 and 250mm lengths

For high-throughput applications, use the 2.1×100mm column format combined with high linear velocity. When high resolution power is needed, use a longer column (2.1×150mm) at an optimal linear velocity to achieve even better resolution.

About the Family of Acclaim Specialty HPLC Columns

Acclaim specialty columns have been developed, manufactured and tested to meet the separation needs of specific applications. These columns are based on novel and unique chemistries and provide superior resolution with ease of use.

  • Use-tested to guarantee consistent separations
  • Ideal selectivity for separating specific target analytes
  • Excellent peak shapes 
  • Performance tested to ensure high quality and reliability for specific chromatographic separations


Guard Cartridge, 2 PK
Specialty/Application Specific
2.5 to 7.5
Guard Cartridge, 2PK

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