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Thermo Scientific™ ProPac™ 3R SCX 3 μm HPLC Columns

Get the performance you need with ProPac™ 3R SCX HPLC columns. Suitable for charge variant separations and recommended for therapeutic proteins, mAbs, ADCs, and biosimilar proteins.

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Use Thermo Scientific™ ProPac™ 3R SCX 3 μm HPLC columns to provide the reproducibility, resolution, and robustness needed for protein characterization. These columns are ideal for charge variant analysis and recommended for use with therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), and biosimilar proteins.

Designed with bio-inert materials to reduce secondary interactions, our ProPac 3R SCX columns deliver the performance you need over a broad range of pH's, temperatures, and mobile phase compositions with excellent recovery and low carryover.

Suitable for use with mass spectrometry (MS).

Maximizing Reproducibility, Resolution, and Robustness

The ProPac 3R SCX 3 μm HPLC column is a strong cation-exchanger with a quaternary amine functional group, suitable for use in biomolecule applications. These specialized ion-exchange chromatography columns provide qualitative and quantitative evaluation of charge variant analysis to biopharmaceutical scientists who need reproducible resolving capabilities when identifying and quantifying charge variant profiles of proteins.

Our ProPac 3R SCX columns offer superior performance for characterization of proteins including monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), therapeutic proteins, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), and biosimilar proteins.

Column Features:

  • Ideal for characterization and quality control assessment of closely-related protein variants
  • Unequaled high-resolution separations
  • High-efficiency peaks with excellent recovery
  • Higher capacity than other columns based on nonporous particles
  • Superior column-to-column and lot-to-lot reproducibility eliminates column variability as a concern in stability and QA/QC testing
  • Compatible with mass spectrometry (MS)

We recommend our CX-1 pH gradient buffers when using these columns with LC-UV/LC-FLD.



Analytical Column
0.3 to 0.5 mL/min.
4500 psi (310 bar)
3 μm
Monodisperse Polymer Resin
Strong Cation Exchange
4 mm
100 mm
Recommended for use with CX-1 pH buffers
2 to 12
Ambient to 60°C
Ion Exchange
PEEK Hardware