Laboratory Hoods and Enclosures

Equip Labo™ SORBONNE D'ATTAQUE 120X80X155CM Classe B selon norme NFX 15-210 et EN 14175

SORBONNE D'ATTAQUE 120X80X155CMClasse B selon norme NFX 15-210 et EN 14175

Equip Labo™ Hotte d’aspiration de laboratoire en PP

Rich, robust, reliable laboratory fume hood made of polypropylene material. SORBONNE A CAISSON 180X80X155CMClasse B selon norme NFX 15-210 et EN 14175

Angelantoni Industrie™ HOTTE 75CM A RECYCLAGE GEMINI Largeur intérieure 730 mm

Ideal vertical laminar flow hood for laboratories working in microbiology and molecular biology. Angelantoni Industrie™ Gemini Class 100 Vertical Laminar Flow Hood features a working tray and back panel of stainless steel. HOTTE 75CM A RECYCLAGE GEMINI

FTM Technologies™ Hotte d’aspiration portative

Offers superior protection and safety in a compact and portable unit. FTM Technologies™ HI3P Portable Fume Hoods have integrated lighting for visibility. HOTTE VALISE DEBIT 50-450M3/H

FTM Technologies™ Hotte d’aspiration portative

Protects the face against the risk of inhalation and splashes of hazardous materials. FTM Technologies™ HI1P Portable Fume Hoods have a height-adjustable illuminated visor. HOTTE ECLAIRANTE A VISIERE

FTM Technologies™ HOTTE ASPIRETTE DEBIT FIXE Ventilateur incorporé débit fixe 240 m3/h

FTM Technologies™ HI8F Model Ductless Mini Fume Hood is suitable for smaller scale fume filtration. HOTTE ASPIRETTE DEBIT FIXE

FTM Technologies™ HOTTE A SUSPENDRE AVEC VISIERE Ventilateur incorporé débit 50 à 450 m3/h,

Dedicated to the capture of light fumes and solvents emanating from the workstation. FTM Technologies™ Overhead Fume Hoods completely free up benchtop working space in the laboratory.

Plas Labs™ BOITE A GANT GAZ INERTE 2 POSTES Déshumidification par 6 cartouches DesiSphere

Ideal glove box for working in your preferred inert gas atmosphere. Plas Labs™ Glove Box 850-NBB Nitrogen Dry Box is compact, portable, and lightweight. BOITE A GANT GAZ INERTE 2 POSTES

Thermo Scientific™ Socles pour banc stérile Heraguard™ ECO

Choisissez un socle fixe, à réglage manuel ou à réglage électrique pour votre hotte Thermo Scientific™ Heraguard™ ECO. PIETEMENT ELECTRIQUE 750-950MM 1,5

Erlab™ Filtres pour hotte mobile filtrante sans raccordement Captair™

Pour une protection personnelle garantie lors de la manipulation des produits chimiques liquides, gazeux et solides. Les filtres pour hotte mobile filtrante sans raccordement Erlab™ Captair™ assurent la filtration des vapeurs organiques, acides, de formaldéhyde et d’ammoniac ainsi que des poudres fines. Filtre GF4/BE+

Bel-Art™ KIT 2 IRIS En silicone et latex, diamètre interne 19,5 cm

SP Scienceware™ Bare Hand Entry (Iris) Port allows bare hnd entry and operation. KIT 2 IRIS

Grant Instruments™ PCR UV CABINET

UVT-B-AR Economy bench-top model for protection against contamination during a variety of DNA/RNA procedures, with dual UV lamp protection. PCR UV CABINET

Erlab™ Enceinte PCR Captair™ Bio série 321

Use this PCR work station for applications such as invitro fertilization, cellular cultures and sample preparation. Erlab™ Captair™ Bio 321 Series PCR Enclosures provide the proper sterilization to protect samples from contamination. HOTTE PCR CAPTAIR BIO STATIQUE 321S PLAN ÉMAILLÉ

FTM Technologies™ HOTTE CABINE EN VERRE 450 M3/H Ventilateur incorporé débit 50 à 450 m3/h

Used for filtration needs where a channelled space is needed. FTM Technologies™ HI5VP Extraction Booths have shaped, shatterproof glass measuring 6mm thick. HOTTE CABINE EN VERRE 450 M3/H

Erlab™ Captair™ Smart 391 Ductless Fume Hood

Providing superior filtration to keep you protected during your chemical processes, and equipped with Smart Technology, a simple and innovative way to quickly allow you to see that the hood is operating safely. CAPTAIR SMART 391 2C+FILTER GF4/BE

Erlab™ MOLECODE S:DETECTEUR SOLVANT-SD/XL alarme de détection de saturation des filtres

MOLECODE S:DETECTEUR SOLVANT-SD/XLalarme de détection de saturation des filtres

Angelantoni Industrie™ Helios Series Horizontal Laminar Flow

Used to protect the product from dangerous effects due to uncontrolled diffusion of air contaminants during its handling. HOTTE HORIZONTALE HELIOS 72C

UVP Euro-plug HEPA UV3 PCR Workstation PROMO

Multi-featured equipment for eliminating PCR contamination. UVP HEPA PCR System equipment brings together UV irradiation and antimicrobial metal surfaces to create a dual-attack environment against PCR contamination. CABINE PCR UV/HEPA LARGEUR 737MM

Bel-Art™ Sidentry Glove Box 30 x 24 x 24in

Process samples wherever you need to. Small enough to move wherever it’s needed, the Bel-Art™ sidENTRY™ Glove Box features a large side entry door for placing material or equipment into the box. Sidentry Glove Box 30 x 24 x 24in

Erlab™ Captair™ Flow 483 Series Laminar Flow Hood

Providing an ultra-clean and dust-free work area for applications such as non-pathogenic cell cultures, In-vitro cultures, microbiology, homeopathic preparations, electronics and optics. HOTTE CAPTAIR FLOW 483

GE Healthcare Protecteurs de surface Benchkote™

Protège de nombreuses sources courantes de la contamination en laboratoire, telles que les sources impliquant des matières dangereuses sur des paillasses d’espace de travail commun. Le revêtement de paillasse Whatman™ Benchkote Plus peut également faciliter l’élimination des matières dangereuses. X50 FEUILLE BENCHKOTE+ 50X60CM


Economical glove box, just two-thirds the size of the standard glove box. Plas Labs™ La Petite Glove Box top and bottom are sealed using a revolutionary new gel. BOITE A GANT LA PETITE

Plas Labs™ BOITE A GANTS COMPACTE 320 L Chambre en acrylique transparent volume utile 71

Compact analytical glove box that minimizes drafts and maximizes balance effectiveness. Plas Labs™ Glove Box, 830-ABC features cleanliness, safety, complete containment, portability, and a draft-free atmosphere. BOITE A GANTS COMPACTE 320 L

Grant Instruments™ Armoire PCR UV en acier inox

Désinfecte la chambre de la zone de travail, en désactivant les fragments d’ADN / d’ARN pendant 15-30 minutes d’exposition. L’armoire UV PCR en acier inox Grant Instruments™ est équipée d’un nettoyeur-recirculateur d’UV bactéricide de type à flux haute efficacité qui assure la décontamination constante à l’intérieur de l’armoire pendant le fonctionnement. STAINLESS STEEL UV CABINET

FTM Technologies™ Multi-Operator Fume Hoods

Used for filtration where extraction arms or other accessories are needed. FTM Technologies™ Multi-Operator Fume Hoods provide multi-workstation filtration for welding fumes, solvents and other hazardous substances.

Bel-Art™ Système de boîte à gants portatif SP Scienceware™

The operator and the external environment are protected with the SP Scienceware™ Portable Glove Box System, a lightweight, self-contained portable isolation cabinet. Glove box portable acrylic 686mm (w) x 330mm (d)x 559mm (h) Scienceware, 1/Cs, MA: TBD

Erlab™ Captair 321 Smart Fume Hood

Erlab™ Captair 321 Smart Fume Hoods are designed with a simple and innovative way of communication to let you know the hood is protecting you and in optimal working order. CAPTAIR SMART 321 1P1C+FILT. GF4/BE

Erlab™ Hotte d’aspiration Captair by Erlab™

Use these Erlab™ benchcaps with CaptairFlex ductless fume hoods. BENCHCAP W/O WORKSURF.-MIDCAP M321/M321

Plas Labs™ ENCEINTE ANAERO/ATMOSPHERE CONTROL Dispositif catalytique éliminant les traces

Manually control your atmosphere when working with oxygen-sensitive materials in this glove box. Plas Labs™ Glove Box 855-AC Anaerobic Chamber uses a catalyst heater to reduce any trace entering oxygen to water vapor. ENCEINTE ANAERO/ATMOSPHERE CONTROL