Adaptateurs pour centrifugeuses

Thermo Scientific™ Tubes de prélèvement sanguin de 10 ml pour adaptateurs pour nacelles de rotor BIOLiner™

Combine Thermo Scientific™ BIOLiner™ Rotor Bucket Adapters with the BIOLiner Rotor Bucket for a complete system.


Thermo Scientific™ Adaptateurs pour rotor TX-400

Use Thermo Scientific™ TX-400 Adapters with round buckets in the TX-400 Rotor. X4 Adaptateur, 19x3/5ml RIA pour BIOFlex HS

Thermo Scientific™ TX-200 Rotor Tube Adapters

Use Thermo Scientific™ TX-200 Rotor Tube Adapters with round buckets in the TX-200 Rotor. X9 Adapters Thermo Scientific Heraeus for open

Thermo Scientific™ Adaptateurs pour rotors swing-out Thermo Scientific™ TX-150

Assorted tube adapters X1 Adapter 1x50ml Conical or Skirted Tube

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Legend™ T3/RT3 4-Pl SB Rotor -- Tube Adapters

For use with Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Legend™ T3 and RT3 centrifuges in 4-place swinging bucket rotor (11175338) X4 PORTOIR 37X 5ML DECANTATION

Eppendorf™ Adaptateurs pour rotor FA-45-6-30

For volumes up to 50mL X2 adaptateur 1xtube Eppendorf 5ml /FA-45-6-30

Eppendorf™ FA-45-20-17 Rotor Adapters

For 1.5/2mL tubes, cryotubes and 12mm HPLC vials X4 FA-45-20-17 adaptateur tube cryo/5ml

Thermo Scientific™ H-6000A Bucket Adapters

Accept a variety of blood processing tubes, bags and bottles ADAPTATEUR 18X12ML

Thermo Scientific™ Adaptateurs pour nacelles rondes TX-750

Add functionality to your rotor with Thermo Scientific™ TX-750 Round Bucket Adapters. X4 ADAPTATEUR PR TUBE 15ML CONIQUE PR NACELLE OVAL

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Tube Adapters for Six-Place Fixed-Angle Rotors

For use with Sorvall Legend™ T/RT, Stratos™ and Primo™/Primo R™ centrifuges ADAPTATEUR 4X3,5ML 11X91MM

Eppendorf™ Adaptateurs pour rotor S-4-104

For use with 4 × 750mL round buckets X2 PORTOIR 20XTUBE 17,5X100MM ROTOR S-4-104

Thermo Scientific™ Adapters for Thermo Scientific™ MicroClick 30 x 2 Rotor and MicroClick 24 x 2 Rotor

PCR Tube and Microtube Adapters X30 ADAPTATEUR POUR MICROTUBES PCR 0,2ML

Thermo Scientific™ Tube Adapters for 05-376-104 SB Rotor


Eppendorf™ Adapters for Rotors- 5430/5430 R centrifuge

For use with rotor F-35-6-30 X2 adaptatr 2xtube Eppendorf 5ml /F-35-6-30 serre

Thermo Scientific™ TX-100/100S Clinical Swinging Bucket Rotor Adapters

Adapters for TX-100S Clinical Rotor and TX-100 Clinical Rotor ADAPTER 1X3 ML, EACH

Thermo Scientific™ BIOShield™ 720 Rotor Tube Adapters

Enhance your rotor's versatility with Thermo Scientific™ BIOShield™ 720 Tube Adapters, which support a wide assortment of tube sizes. X4 REDUCTEUR 2X50ML DIN (DIA 35MM)

Thermo Scientific™ Adaptateurs pour rotors swing-out Thermo Scientific™ TX-1000

An assortment of adapters for outstanding flexibility X4 Adaptateur, 12x50ml pour BIOflex HC

Thermo Scientific™ Tube Adapters for 05376124 Rotor

X6 PORTOIR 12X 10-15ML 17,5X 107MM107MM

Thermo Scientific™ TX-750 Swinging Bucket/BIOShield 1000A Adapters

Use Thermo Scientific™ TX-750 Swinging Bucket/BIOShield™ 1000A Adapters to add versatility to TX-750/BIOShield Swinging-Bucket Rotors. X4 ADAPT RECT 4X25ML UNIVERSELS

Thermo Scientific™ F-G1 Fixed Angle Adapters For CL10™ Rotor

For Thermo Scientific™ IEC F-G1 Fixed Angle rotor X6 ADAPTERS 1 X 16/15 ML

Corning™ Adapters for LSE™ Compact Centrifuges

X6 individual adapters for 0.2ml tubes

Thermo Scientific™ Adaptateur de flacon à centrifuger Nalgene™

Les adaptateurs de flacon à centrifuger Thermo Scientific Nalgene'permettent l'adaptation appropriée de tous les flacons Nalgene de 250 et de 290 ml à l'intérieur des rotors Sorvall GSA. X6 ADAPTATEUR BOUTEILLE CENTRI 250250

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Racks for Drum Rotor


Adapters for Round-Bottom Centrifuge Tubes

Required when centrifuging select Kimble high-strength round-bottom centrifuge tubes to 13,000xG in 50mL rotor X2 MANCHON HIGHSTRENGTH 15ML/50ML15ML/50ML

Thermo Scientific™ Adapters for Thermo Scientific™ 24 x 1.5/2.0mL Rotor with ClickSeal Biocontainment Lid

Thermo Scientific™ microcentrifuges offer exceptional versatility for your micro-volume separations with adapters that can be used with the Thermo Scientific™ 24 x 1.5/2.0mL rotor with ClickSeal biocontainment lid. X2 REDUCTEUR 50 A 25ML COREX 25ML25ML

Thermo Scientific™ Adaptateurs pour rotor à nacelles oscillantes 4 places

For added processing versatility ADAPTATEUR 1X 50ML FOND ROND

Thermo Scientific™ IEC™ Centrac Tube Adapters, part 2

Centrac Adapter 3x50 ML for 323 Sealed Buckets,500/bag, MA: 057030F

Eppendorf™ Adaptateurs pour rotor A-4-38

For round and rectangular buckets X2 ADAPTER 9XTUBE 12X75-100MM IN A-4-38

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Culture Flask Adapters

For processing Nunc™ T-75 or T-25 EasyFlasks™ in Thermo Scientific Sorvall Legend™ T/RT Centrifuges. X2 ADAPT PR NUNC EASYFLASK T-75

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ Adapters for Eight-Place Fixed-Angle Rotor

For use with Thermo Scientific Sorvall Eight-Place Fixed-Angle Rotor 75-003-335 ADAPTATEUR 1X15ML CONIQUE 19X119MM